La fabrication de la lingerie Double A Paris

The manufacture of Double A Paris lingerie

Whether we have small or large breasts, we all have a lingerie set in our dressing room: it's an essential . However, the manufacture of lingerie is technical and requires real know-how. We take you to Portugal in the workshop where our sets are made to show you all the secrets of this confection.

A unique expertise

Being very technical to manufacture, lingerie requires unique know-how and specific machines that only certain workshops have. The slightest defect can be seen immediately, so everything must be impeccable ! The finest quality lingerie comes from factories and workshops specializing in this field. Cutting, assembly, finishing, are all steps that require dexterity and human control.

We have therefore selected our workshop carefully. The latter is located in the city of Porto, Portugal. It is a manufacturing company specializing in luxury lingerie , sleepwear and swimwear with more than 20 years of experience. 50 seamstresses work there, some of them since the creation of the workshop. Here, you will not find t-shirts or knits, we have chosen this workshop specializing in the manufacture of lingerie for its traditional know-how which allows us to offer you high quality underwear.

We also work hand in hand with our workshop to carefully select the fabrics and materials of our lingerie. Thanks to their strong experience, they can plan, advise and source all types of materials and accessories according to our projects and specifications. They can source fabrics, laces and trimmings as well as develop labels and packaging. So today we work with OEKO-TEX® certified lace made in Italy and with OEKO-TEX® certified recycled tulle made in Spain. This certification allows us to offer you lingerie with quality fabrics that are harmless to your health and the environment.

The stages of manufacturing lingerie

The steps to arrive at the final result are long and require several months of work. We count 7 to make a set of lingerie:

1. Development of technical drawings

The manufacture of lingerie begins with the technical drawing of the model we want. It is produced by a stylist and contains several pages with drawings made on the computer and explanations to specify our specific needs in the workshop.

2. Sourcing of raw materials

It is then necessary to find the fabrics and accessories necessary for the manufacture of the model. We must compare and select quality materials before continuing the process.

3. Processing of sponsorship

Our workshop then uses modeling software to draw very precise patterns to bring our ideas and technical drawings to life. We then work directly with the model maker in the workshop who helps us with the details and technical solutions to create the perfect fit.

4. Prototyping

The pattern maker then works alongside the experienced seamstresses to develop technically viable, production-ready lingerie patterns. On our side, we receive these prototypes and must validate them before moving on to the next stage. Since we offer the AA cup , which is smaller than the A cup and very little known, it took us several versions of prototypes before finding the perfect fit.

5. Size gradation

Once prototypes are validated in one size, patterns are precisely sized to our measurement specifications, using industry standard grading rules and adjusted to fit all sizes.

6. Production of the collection

It then takes a week for the team of seamstresses to make all the pieces in our collection. First, the fabric is cut based on the pattern made earlier. Then the different parts are sewn and assembled. Once this assembly is complete, the models are all labeled so that they are not mixed up afterwards.

7. Quality control

Our workshop takes special care to ensure that all parts are produced to high quality standards. For this, quality checks are carried out throughout the production process such as pre-production, initial production, in-process production and final inspection. These quality reports are an integral part of their internal process, and allow us to receive orders on time and in accordance with our specifications.

You now know all the secrets of making our lingerie for small breasts. It is obviously worn without moderation! To follow our adventures, you can now find us on Instagram and if you want to know more about our products, here is another article that might interest you: Our first collection of lingerie for small breasts .

Alexina & Melanie

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